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Project status

Cleaning of Me-Can 2.0 data is ongoing and the new database will be complete before the end of 2016. Thereafter, the Me-Can team will undertake new studies on metabolic traits and cancer risk.

Me-Can meeting in Malmö, June 2016

During the 7th annual Me-Can meeting in Malmö new research tracks within Me-Can 2.0 was discussed and policy and guidelines for collaboration were determined. All Me-Can members with login can find the details from the meeting within the project pages …

Me-Can meeting Malmö 13-14 June 2016

The Me-Can steering committee are planning a meeting in Malmö, hosted by Tanja Stocks, in June. On the agenda is planning of the new projects within Me-Can 2.0.

Funding for Me-Can 2.0

Further analyses of metabolic factors and cancer risk, Me-Can 2.0 have been supported with funding from the Swedish research council. PI is Tanja Stocks, Lund University and more information can be found at a press release from Lund University.

The “prostate cancer competing risk” study now published

The study about metabolic factors and real-life risk of prostate cancer, prostate cancer death, and death from other causes is now published at Epidemiology’s website.