Age-course effects on the associations between metabolic factors and cancer risk

Obesity has been differently associated with breast cancer risk by menopause, which occurs at around 50 years of age in women. Whilst obesity has been associated with a decreased risk of premenopausal breast cancer risk, it has been related to …

Me-Can meeting in Lund, Sept 2018

At the 9th annual meeting in Lund in September 2018, preliminary results from ongoing studies were presented, and planned studies and collaborations were discussed. The meeting hosted Jonas Björk, Lund University, as keynote speaker about propensity score analysis. Group picture …

Risk of bladder cancer in relation to metabolic factors and smoking

Bladder cancer (BC) is common in high-income countries. Smoking is the most important risk factor, accounting for about half of the incident cases among men living in Europe. Other environmental risk factors include schistosomiasis, external beam radiation and a wide …

Me-Can annual meeting 2018

Me-Can steering committee and active collaborators are invited to the next annual meeting, September 10-11, 2018, in Malmö/Lund area.

Me-Can presentations at the NordicEpi

Two abstracts from the Me-Can project will be presented at the the 8th Nordic Meeting in Epidemiology and Register-Based Research (NordicEpi), September 13-15 in Lund, Sweden. For more information see the conference programme: